eBook & Audio


Bridges is the name of the eBook and audiobook buying consortium for Iowa public libraries. It is a contracted service with OverDrive, Inc. With your Oxford Public Library card you can borrow and enjoy free eBooks and audiobooks. All you need to get started is an Internet connection, your library card, and something to read or listen to the books on.

Our membership in this consortium allows Oxford Public Library patrons who live in Oxford and rural Johnson County to access this service. If you live outside these areas, please ask your local library to provide access.


Getting Started

1)    Visit Bridges

You may use Bridges two different ways:

  • Using your computer’s browser, visit the Bridges - Overdrive website (https://bridges.overdrive.com/).
  • Using the OverDrive's app  on your mobile device. The first time you will need to set up your library and enter in your library card number and phone number. If you check the Remember my log in box you shouldn’t have to reenter it every time.
    • To use the app, go to whatever app store your phone uses and search “Overdrive.” The app logo is blue with a white circle. Download the app – it’s free.
  • ​​​​​​​You may also use the Libby App (https://libbyapp.com​​​​​​​) - Libby and Overdrive are the same apps with all the same books from our collection, just with different interfaces. It's a matter of personal preferance which you choose to use!

 2) Logging In

      Either on your phone with the app or on your computer, to login to see books, you’ll need to:

  1.       Select the Oxford Public Library - be sure to select the correct Oxford Library, matched to our address in Oxford
  2.       Enter your library card number
  3.       Enter your PIN – this is the last 7 digits of your phone number without a dash.

bridges snip.PNG​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

      3) Finding Books

      Browse and select books you want to check out. You can search specific titles, by collection, and by subject. You can also filter by what's "available now" to see titles with no wait time.

  •       If a book is checked out, you can place a hold on it and will receive an email when it is available to you to check out.

      Click on Borrow to check out a book.

      Once books are checked out, they will go to your Account on your bookshelf. Your Account is where you can see your loans and holds. To download a book you’ve checked out, go to your loans – from there you may download.

      When you download a book - either an ebook or audio - it will save to your phone in the Overdrive app. To read or listen, you’ll go to the Overdrive app and click on the title in your account. When you exit, it will save your place.

      Most ebooks are available in both Kindle and ePub formats. You may download and read an ePub in the Overdrive App. Kindle books are for reading on a Kindle or Kindle Reading app. Not all books are available in the Kindle format.

      If you ever need any assistance accessing our online books, please call, email, or ask a library staff member, and we will help!