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Newly Arrived Audiobooks CDs Aug 2016

We've gotten a new collection of CD audiobooks for the next three months. Check them out!

Here are the newly arrived CD audiobooks in our rotating collection.

A selection of our recent additions to our temporary CD collection.

J FIC Osborne, Mary Pope – Balto of the Blue Dawn

J FIC Osborne, Mary Pope – Christmas in Camelot, etc.

J FIC Osborne, Mary Pope – Dogs in the Dead of Night


649.15 Dawson – Smart But Scattered

Biography Nelso n – Willie Nelson – It’s A Long Story – My Life

Biography White – Betty White – Here We Go Again


FIC Fluke, Joanne – Apple Turnover Murder

FIC Garwood, Julie – Fast Track

FIC Hiaasen, Carl – Star Island

FIC Hillerman, Tony – The Shape Shifter

FIC Hossenini, Khaled – A Thousand Splendid Suns

FIC King, Stephen - Joyland

FIC L’Amour , Louis – Trail Mix – Vol 1 and 2

FIC Roberts, Nora – Key of Valor

FIC Shaar, Jeff – The Smoke at Dawn

FIC Snelling, Lauaine – A Land to Call Home

FIC Stabenow, Dana – Killing Grounds

FIC Stover, Matthew – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

FIC Twain, Mark – The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories

FIC Warren, Tracy Anne – The Trouble with Princesses

FIC Weiner, Jennifer – Who Do You Love