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Books on CD New Titles for a Limited Time

Check out our new titles of books on CD.

Every 3 months the Oxford Public Library borrows a new set of books on CD from the Solon Public Library. These titles are only available for the next 3 months. Check out what we have and let us know if there is a book or a type of book you'd like to see more of. Also, remember to check out Bridges to find digital audiobooks available for download and ebooks. Look for a new batch in February 2018.


FIC Ackerman, Diane – The Zoo Keeper’s Wife

FIC Beaton, M.C. – Death of a Traveling Man

FIC Brooks, Malcolm – Painted Horses

FIC Brown, Sandra – French Silk

FIC Brunstetter, Wanda – The Hope of Spring

FIC Burke, James Lee – Pegasus Decending

FIC Christie, Agatha – Poirot Investigates

FIC Cussler, Clive – The Bootlegger

FIC Deveraux, Jude – Ever After

FIC Flynn, Gillan – Gone Girl: A Novel

FIC Gabaldon, Diana – Dragonfly in Amber

FIC Hiaasen, Carl – Razor Girl

FIC King, Stephen – Finders Keepers

FIC L’Amour, Louis – Get Out of Town and Four-Card Draw

FIC Larsson, Stieg – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

FIC Lee, Harper – Go Set a Watchman

FIC Macomber, Debbie – Rainy Day Kisses


332.024 PON – Safe Money in Tough Times

332.6 TYS – Personal Finance for Dummies

796.523 Ralston, Aron – 127 Hours

917.9 Strayed, Cheryl – Wild

940.54 HIL – Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

973.3 McCullough – 1776


J 398.247 AES – Aesop’s Fables Collection

J FIC L’Engle, Madeline – A Wrinkle in Time

J FIC O’Hara, Mary – My Friend Flicka

J FIC Paulsen, Gary – The Tent

J FIC Peck, Richard – A Year Down Yonder